Why Become a Hypnotherapist

Why Become a Hypnotherapist?


More and more people are realizing that popping a pill when something is bothering them isn’t always the best course of action. What starts out as one pill may grow to a collection of medications and with such a collection, health risks due to prescription interactions increase. Add to that, when the pills cease, the issue that prompted the prescription often remains. This is why a growing number of people are turning to alternative practitioners for their healing issues. Unlike allopathic methods, which certainly have their place, many alternative therapies concentrate on getting to the root cause of an issue rather than simply treating the symptoms. Changing the cause of the illness irradicates the illness and the need for prescriptions and costly treatments is lessened.
Hypnotherapy is one such modality that works with the belief systems of the mind which science is beginning to prove is at the root of most illnesses in the body. Although hypnotherapy is certainly not a substitute for conventional medicine, that is, the hypnotherapist may not diagnose or be said to “cure” any illness, hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of over 200 different issues and has become widely accepted both by the alternative therapy community and doctors alike. What’s more, there are no side effects or harmful interactions when using hypnotherapy along with conventional medical treatments.
What this means is that for the well-trained hypnotherapist with a wide variety of skills and techniques such as those taught by the College of Professional Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist may look forward to a long and rewarding career as a sought out professional who gets real results for their clients.
All of that aside, there are certainly many other benefits to become a successful hypnotherapist.
Some of these include:
Hypnotherapists charge between $125 and $250 per session. Sessions are between one and two hours in length. Since most hypnotherapists work for themselves, these earnings go straight into their pockets, rather than their boss’. And as we’ve already begun to see, the alternative therapy market is growing by leaps and bounds increasing the demand for hypnotherapists exponentially.
You get to decide when you work and how much you work.
Choose to work in an office or from your home. In addition, hypnotherapy works equally well over the telephone or Skype so you can see clients from all over the world, not just those in your community.
You could be a hypnotherapist no matter what age you are because there’s no strenuous effect on the body. Practice into your 90’s if you choose!
Every therapist will develop their own style, and every client will respond uniquely to the therapy. This gives the therapist not only variety, but the ability to be creative and use their instinct with each client so that they can get the most out of their therapy.
Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of becoming a hypnotherapist is the ability for the therapist to work on themselves. As a hypnotherapist, you’ll learn skills to reduce stress, eliminate unwanted habits, increase motivation and wealth, making you not only a better therapist, but a happier, healthier, wealthier you!
There is no greater joy in life than to watch someone grow, flourish and succeed. Knowing that you’ve helped someone get to that place in their lives is a gift and a blessing. Likely you have been drawn to hypnotherapy training because you have a desire to make a difference in the world or at least, in other people’s lives. Becoming a hypnotherapist is one of the greatest and most rewarding ways to do so.
The College of Professional Hypnotherapy is proud to be on the leading edge of hypnotherapy education. Your success is our focus.
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