The Healing Powers of Hypnotherapy

The Healing Powers of Hypnotherapy

Feeling rejected is something that many of us experience or have experienced from time to time. In severe cases, these fears can be very debilitating and stop us from connecting with people and asking for help if we are in trouble. Whether you’re trying out for a team sport or asking for a promotion at work, fear can stop us in our tracks.

Many of us struggle with low-self esteem, which is where most fears about rejection originate. This can lead to many issues in our relationships and the way we interact socially in public. In the end, we often feel lost in these vicious cycles of rejection with no idea how to break free. Over time, these feelings can take control of our lives, leading to intimacy issues, and in some cases, leading people down the path to addiction. 

If this is something you can relate to, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone, and there are ways to pull your thoughts out of the darkness and start living in the light. Hypnotherapy is a technique often used to help people take control of their thoughts and fears of rejection. In some cases, it resulted in people wanting to pursue a career in hypnotherapy themselves. 

Hypnotherapy can help reprogram your mind

Hypnotherapy works alongside your unconscious mind to help refocus your thoughts. Our minds are more powerful than we give them credit for. They have the ability to take any fear and blow it out of proportion, often leading to life-long fears. If you’re like most people, you likely can’t even remember where those fears came from in the first place. This is why hypnotherapy can be used as a vital tool to unlock your mind and uncover the real reasons behind your biggest phobias.

The human brain works in fascinating ways. Our fight or flight response—an evolutionary holdover from our earliest days as hunters and gatherers—gets triggered when we sense a threat to our safety or something to fear. While we no longer have woolly mammoths to look out for and predators to fight off, our brains still contain cells that control our fight or flight responses. Relaxation of the mind allows the amygdala (the part of our brain responsible for flight or fight responses) to rest. Hypnotherapy can teach you the skills needed to overcome the power of your limbic brain and encourage more self-awareness about our thoughts, instead of allowing emotional responses to overwhelm us.

Through hypnotherapy, our team can teach your subconscious mind how to identify negative thoughts and experiences from your past and reprogram them in a way that will positively impact your life. By tapping into your subconscious mind, your hypnotherapist can change the way we perceive negative events that have taken place in our past.

In hypnotherapy, we will work with you to address various causes that have led to negative thoughts and feelings towards rejection. We will use hypnotherapy to reconnect you to your inner healer and teach your mind ways to activate its internal resources, making you feel more empowered. 

We all hurt. That’s part of being human. However, that hurt doesn’t need to make you feel trapped or imprisoned in your own life. We all deserve to live fulfilling lives, and through hypnotherapy, we can help you start to heal and find love again. Hypnotherapy works to reduce your feelings of anxiety associated with low confidence.

Hypnotherapy hasn’t just helped our patients overcome their fears of rejection. Through treatment, many have been inspired to pursue a career in hypnotherapy themselves. We offer programs designed to help anyone who wants to unleash their power to help people. As a hypnotherapist, you’ll coach, educate, and inspire your clients towards living more meaningful lives. Through our program, you learn the importance of slowing down and relaxing the mind with deep breathing techniques.

To learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you reprogram your mind and eliminate the feeling of rejection, contact the professionals at the College of Hypnotherapy.