Texas School of Hypnotherapy

Montana School of Hypnotherapy

Our Texas School of Hypnotherapy is operated by
Sheila Nielsen B.A., CCHt
It is both an honor and a privilege to invite you to join our family at The Montana School of Hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy is one of the world’s fastest growing health and wellness professions. More than ever before in history, people internationally are seeking out the services of complementary, natural and holistic health or wellness professionals.
Nearly one-half of all medical visits made today are with natural/holistic practitioners. Today there is a greater need for properly trained practitioners to meet the challenges of the trend we are facing and will continue to experience in the future.
As a result of its rapid acceptance, career opportunities are ever increasing in the area of alternative health.
The College of Professional Hypnotherapy is a licensed school. Its proprietary proven system was established to meet the educational standards set to fulfill the demands for highly qualified hypnotherapists.
The Texas School of Hypnotherapy is now offering continuing and advanced educational opportunities to members of various professional organizations.
The Texas School of Hypnotherapy is accredited by Results Therapy International Association to meet the demands of those seeking professional recognition.
Highly qualified instructors have been selected based on expertise, devotion, knowledge and desire to share the skills they have mastered.
Again, welcome to the wonderful world of hypnosis. Thank you for being a part of our family here at The Texas School of Hypnotherapy.
Sheila Nielsen B.A., CCHt
Behavioral Therapist/ Licensed Instructor for College of Professional Hypnotherapy
Austin, Texas