It was supposed to be the happiest time in my life.  I was blessed with a beautiful baby.  But I was a in place I never thought I would be…. I was truly depressed.  Not just the baby blues but rock bottom depression. I was living in regret with no desire to move forward in life.  My spirit was gone

At the most perfect time, Trena Barnes was suggested to me.  I was surprised to hear hypnosis was the way to find my spirit again and the road to recovery.  With nothing to lose and everything to gain I decided to give this Light Worker a try.

It was the hardest personal work I have ever done in my life but the result was amazing, instant, incredible, wonderful, happiness…. There just aren’t enough words to describe the miracle I have experienced.

Now, I embrace that hard time because my life is better than before my depression.  I am a new me.  A true me.  A happy me that feels true joy.  I am thankful.  I am the mother I dreamed of being.  I am the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Hypnosis really does work.  I am living proof.