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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxed focus. For most people this occurs naturally and can take place five seconds before going to sleep or five seconds after awakening, while expressing emotions, or when we think about the past.
Have you ever been in a noisy restaurant and able to tune sounds out in order to focus on the TV across the room? Have you ever missed your turn off while driving because you were so deep in thought? If so, you are not alone. This state is a form of hypnosis.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a hypnosis tool used for healing or treatment. Through guided relaxation, intense concentration, and heightened focus, a hypnotherapist can help a patient gain control over undesired behaviors or to better cope with anxiety or pain.
As mental health awareness continues to become more mainstream this type of complementary medicine has increased in demand.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Yes! Regardless of the method used, clients will feel completely in control. In fact, since hypnosis is so natural, you may not even realize you are hypnotized. Being hypnotized is as safe as being asleep but it is not the sleep state. During the session, if you feel uncomfortable or there is an emergency, simply let your therapist know and they will be able to bring you out of hypnosis safely and quickly.

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