Hypnotherapy vs. Traditional Counseling: How Hypnotherapy is Better

Hypnotherapy vs. Traditional Counseling: How Hypnotherapy is Better

Whenever people deal with serious struggles that profoundly affect mental and physical health, the purveying thought for many is to see a counselor. Without a doubt, counselors have their purpose. They typically provide safe, nurturing spaces that allow people to freely talk about their issues without judgment and with complete privacy. They can explore their emotions and work in tandem with their patients to figure out the root cause of their problems. 


However, the business of hypnotherapy is much the same. Hypnotherapy provides all of the previously mentioned benefits. But, it’s also a more flexible option and goes above and beyond to help patients re-tune their minds so they are no longer burdened by the struggles they face. Here is why hypnotherapy is a more reliable and patient-first type of treatment than traditional counseling. 

Hypnotherapy Can Be Done Over a Longer Term 

One of the biggest benefits of hypnotherapy is that the sessions are more extensive than traditional counseling sessions. On average, a hypnotherapy session lasts anywhere from half an hour to four hours, depending on various factors. These factors range from the subject matter that’s being broached to patient availability. 


However, reliable hypnotherapists will tell you that a session will last as long as it needs to, resolving things without the need to rehash. Typically, a hypnotherapy session includes an interview, where the subject and hypnotherapist will agree on what will be discussed. After that, the patient will undergo hypnosis. For things like phobias, sessions may be shorter. However, a session will take considerably more time for more complex issues like smoking cessation or a particular trauma. 


Counseling sessions usually last up to one hour. The drawback, however, is that sessions typically tend to focus on past issues and, because the time isn’t quite enough, some counselors choose to focus entirely on the problem and spend little time on the solution. Hypnotherapy is more about the here and now, promoting mindfulness through the subconscious mind to help people overcome their issues and look forward to a more promising future. Plus, hypnotherapy can be done over a longer stretch, allowing patients to go at their pace as they recalibrate their minds.

Hypnotherapy Provides Health Benefits 

Counseling is a good way to improve one’s mental health, which, in turn, leads to a patient realizing more of their physical capabilities. However, with hypnotherapy, there are many surprising health benefits for patients looking to change their lifestyles for the better drastically. 


Hypnotherapy can be used to treat any sleeping issues, including insomnia and sleepwalking. Because hypnotherapy focuses on improving the quality of one’s unconscious mind, it helps people focus on anything someone sets their minds to. That includes getting better sleep. 


Additionally, hypnotherapy has helped patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and anxiety that stems from chronic health issues like heart problems. It also helps people to manage chronic pain and lose weight. Not only does hypnotherapy aid one’s mental state, but it gives people more physical energy and awareness. 

Hypnotherapy is Always Solutions-Oriented

business hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is focused on drastically improving your prospects


As mentioned, hypnotherapy always keeps you focused on the here and now. It’s ok to delve into past issues on occasion, especially if you feel that something in your past has been holding you back for some time. But, unlike traditional counseling, hypnotherapy is inherently focused on the here and now. Through mindfulness techniques and positive reinforcement, past burdens will no longer weigh heavily on your brain and influence your behavior. 


You will enjoy life the way you’re supposed to and not consistently harp on the past. Hypnotherapy removes guilt, takes away the negativity, and puts you in control of your destiny. 

Hypnotherapy will gain your trust and put you in control through a trusted holistic method to spur on the positive changes you need to see. Contact us to learn more about this life-changing type of alternative therapy.