New Biology: Where Mind and Matter Meet

Reprinted from Eugene, Oregon’s WHAT”S HAPPENING, February, 1991.  Interview with David Johnson. When Stanford cell biologist Bruce Lipton talks about his discoveries he gets excited all over again.  A fast-talking, animated lecturer, Lipton seems to be on the verge of going supernova if he doesn’t quickly tell as many people as he can about the […]


Smokers Just Keep Puffing

By Melissa Tennen, healthAtoZ writer Doctors may not be doing enough to help the substantial number of smokers who continue to puff despite having chronic, life-threatening conditions, according to a report by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality. Three out of five smokers with these chronic conditions who had a routine check-up in a […]


Think Yourself Thin

Boy I love Christmas! My family isn’t big on gift-giving, preferring to spend money on good food, drink and time together. This year, there was a lot of food and drink! From Lattes with the new Tassimo, to chocolates, to turkey with all the fixings…oh, and don’t forget the shortbread! We had it all. If […]


Create the Life you Want – Part 3

A Sparkly New Experience So are you ready to create the life you want? Are you willing to do what it takes to be, do, and have your every desire? In this post, I’m going to show you how to make that possible. In the first post of this series, we learned how our thoughts […]


Create the Life You Want – Part 2

A Magical Tool for Change In our last post, we learned how we are responsible for what’s happening in our lives from our health to our relationships, and that what we are seeing as results currently is a reflection of the beliefs held in our subconscious mind created from experiences we had when we didn’t […]


Create the Life you Want – Part 1

What I’m about to say may feel a little like I’m kicking you while you are down, but if you aren’t happy, you have a job that is unfulfilling, you can’t find a stable relationship or are suffering with ill health, the truth is, you are creating all of it. You are entirely responsible. That […]