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Start your Clinical Hypnotherapy career now with CPH. Online enrollment.

At the College of Professional Hypnotherapy, we cannot stress enough that not only will our programs educate you in the use of hypnotherapy, but will change the way you experience your life, behaviour, and what you see as daily results.

While our classes make use of traditional teaching methods, we also create experiential learning. These types of experiences are not necessarily appropriate for everyone and therefore, just as you the student need to choose the right school for you, we must also choose those students who are best suited for our programs.

We are more than happy to discuss our school, programs and fees with you. The first step in this process is schedule a one-hour live webinar with Jennifer Alexander. Please use the schedule below to select a convenient time for you.

After scheduling a time, you will be given a link to fill out our online application form. Answering the questions in the application helps us to determine whether our programs will be a good fit for you. Rest assured that there is no obligation by filling out this form and your information will be kept completely confidential.

Thank you in-advance for taking the time to schedule a webinar and complete the application form. It’s an honour for Jennifer to meet new like-minded people. See you online soon!